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Jrock Fanfic Part 5
angel, takuya

Rated: 18+ 

Contains: Sexuality, Coarse Language, Nudity

 Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao and occasional Toshiya Teasing



Next morning Miyu jumped onto Kyo and started licking his face. Kyo pushed the small dog off him and tried to continue to sleep. No luck. Miyu just jumped back up on him and continued walking all over him. Pointy little feet stepping on his stomach, he had no energy to flex his stomach muscles to try and eliminate the pain of the dogs pointy feet, so he rubbed his eyes and looked around without lifting his head. He saw Shinya crouched beside him starring at him as if he were a poor sob who had gotten drunk and passed out on the sidewalk.

“Kyo, what are you doing here?”

Kyo slowly got up, he was still sore in the ass that he winced a bit and pushed Miyu off him. “I just umm…” His brain wasn’t working, he couldn’t think of a good excuse so he just plopped back on the couch and pretended to sleep.

Shinya got impatient with him. So he went to grab a bucket, headed into the bathroom and filled it with cold water. He grabbed Miyu and put him a safe distance from the couch. Then he held the bucket over Kyo’s head and dumped the water all over him.

Kyo freaked, screeching at the top of his lungs in reaction to how cold the water was on his body. At the same time he managed to get on his 2 feet.

“Good morning Kyo.” Shinya giggled.

Kyo pointed at him, “Not funny!”

Shinya put the bucket down and went over to pick up Miyu, “I just came buy to pick up my Mp3 player I left here last night, who knew I’d find you crashed on the couch here. Since you and Toshiya were the last ones in here, maybe I should ask him what happened last night” He said with a taunting voice.

Kyo shook his head, “No, we just had a bit to drink. Plus, I was too tired to travel after that concert.” That was probably the most believable excuse he could come up with for this kind of situation.

Shinya bought it. “Ok then, I would suggest you go home and take a shower. You smell funny. I’m doing some shopping with Miyu today. So if you need me for anything, just call my cell, I won’t be home for a while.”

Kyo nodded as he waved at Shinya as he left with his Mp3 player in one hand and Miyu in the other.

Waaay to close… He did not need Shinya knowing about him and Toshiya. It was best to keep it quiet.

Kyo got up and headed outside, it was somewhat cloudy out, yet warm. For some reason one of his songs started repeating in his head: Raison d’Etre. He couldn’t stop it.

He grabbed for his wallet in his pocket to see if he had any change for coffee, which he did.

He went into the coffee shop not realizing that he smelt bad and he looked like he just got out of a hangover. People throughout the shop were starring at him and muttering things.

He got his coffee and went back outside. He figured, by other peoples’ reaction, that he’d go back to his apartment and take a shower.

He reached his apartment and headed into the bathroom and undressed, turned the shower on and entered it. Steaming hot water felt good, it relaxed his muscles. After what happened last night, he could hardly focus, a shower really made him feel good.

All of the sudden without any clue, the shower curtain flew open. Kyo, startled, screeched and covered his bottom half. Standing there holding the shower curtain was Kiyoharu.

“How’d the fuck you get in my apartment?!” Kyo yelled.

Kiyo giggled, “You left it unlocked, I just let myself in. He smirked and looked at Kyo up and down, eyeing him like candy.

“I’m really not in the mood Kiyo.” Kyo growled.

“That’s ok, I’m just here to give you this.” He held up an invitation to a party. “It’s a private party, don’t worry, I invited your whole band and a bunch of other people. It’s a party for a release of my newest album.” He then set the invitation on the bathroom sink countertop. Kiyoharu then winked and left Kyo standing there.


After his shower, he got dressed and relaxed in front of his TV.

Kiyoharu had a new album eh? Hmmm…

He didn’t know whether or not he should go…

A knock on the door startled Kyo again.

“Raa.. Come in!” Kyo yelled at the door.

It was the rest of his band mates.

“You look much better then this morning Kyo.” Shinya stated, holding Miyu close to him.

Kyo wondered what he saw in that dog.

The rest of the band made them selves comfortable in Kyo’s living room.

“So Kyo, did you get this invitation? It’s from Kiyoharu, we got it in the mail today.” Kaoru held out the similar invitation that Kiyoharu gave to him.

Kyo nodded, “Yeah, I got it in the mail too.” He lied.

“We’re going to go, should be a good party, we haven’t heard his music lately.” Die stated as he stood up and went to get himself a snack.

“Wonder who else will be there?” Toshiya looked at Kyo and smiled.

Kyo averted his eyes to the blank TV screen. He wasn’t particularly happy with Toshiya and what he did to him last night. He didn’t have to be so rough…

Kyo tried not looking at Toshiya as he spoke, “Guess I’ll go.”

Everyone nodded.

“Can you bring someone?” Die asked.

Toshiya giggled, “I do believe so, I called Kiyoharu himself and asked. Since his number is on the invitation. Im going to bring someone.”

Kaoru sat back and wondered who these mysterious people Toshiya wanted to bring.

Kyo knew who Toshiya was talking about, but no one else knew.

Die finished his snack and sat on Shinya’s lap pushing Miyu to the side. He put on a girly voice: “Oh Shinya, wont you take me to the party?” Toshiya burst out laughing as Kaoru rolled his eyes and smirked.

“Or wait…” He continued, “Didn’t you say you had someone?”

Shinya, blushed, he lost the phone number he was given back at the concert…

“For your information, I was just fucking with you guys.” Shinya felt slightly embarrassed. He pushed Die off him, making Die fall on his ass on the floor.

Die stood back up rubbing his ass, “Well then, you can take me!” He laughed and sat beside him.

Kyo ignored the random fun making Die was doing and went over to the kitchen to get himself his own coffee. He had to be cautious at this party, he didn’t quite trust Kiyoharu, he was sneaky.

Kaoru came up beside Kyo, “What’s up with you Kyo? You seem tense.”

Kyo shook his head, “Nah, I just have some stuff on my mind, nothing to worry about.”

Kaoru patted Kyo’s back, “If you say so, just don’t stress over it k?”

Kyo nodded, “No worries.” He knew he was going to stress over it a bit. Kiyoharu inviting him to a party at his place... That could be... hazardous?

Kyo looked at Kaoru and managed a small smile, “It’s all good.”

Though Kaoru didn’t believe him, he nodded and went to go break up the couples bickering that was happening on the couch. Die was poking fun at Shinya a little too much. Toshiya could only laugh at them.

Die was on Shinya’s lap again, putting on another girly voice, “Oh come now Shinya! I looooove you! I’m such a huuuuuge fan of yours. Won’t you take me to the ball?”

Shinya couldn’t move under Die’s body since he was pretty much heavier then him.

“Fuck off Die. Would you get off me?”

Die decided to get a little more daring with Shinya and moved his free right hand onto Shinya’s knee, “Now Shin-chan, that’s no way to speak to a lady! You of all people should know that!”

Shinya’s face flushed with anger, “Would you get off of me Die.”

Die rolled his eyes as he saw Kaoru walk over and cross his arms.

“Alright alright.” He got off of Shinya and sat down on the couch.

Kyo decided to grab a snack while he was making his coffee and noticed Toshiya make his way to him.

“What do you want Toshiya?”

Toshiya looked over his shoulder to see the other 3 pre-occupied with chatting about the party. “I just want to see if you’re alright.” Toshiya had a smile on his face, but that evil smile you should be kind of afraid of.

“Suuuure you did. Look…” Kyo lowered his voice, “You can’t just use me like a toy like you did last night. Toshiya got closer to him. Kyo’s heart jumped.

“Don’t lie Kyo, I know you don’t really mind and I know you like it. Heh.” Toshiya’s hand made it’s way to Kyo’s crotch, but Kyo dodged his hand grab.

“Not here!” Kyo yelled by accident.

The other members looked up at Toshiya and Kyo in the kitchen. They all kind of seem confused as to what was going on.

“Errr… Toshiyawasgoingtofart!” Kyo blurted out in a last attempt to make an excuse for this awkward situation.

Toshiya was taken aback, “I was not going to fart!”

Die was the only one who seemed very amused by this that he was laughing.

“Die, have you been drinking… even a little?” Kaoru said blankly.

Die could only smile at him.

“Dude, it’s not even 9pm yet. Let alone even late afternoon!” Shinya stated.

Die could only laugh as he fell off the couch onto the floor and passed out.

Kaoru held his head in his hands, “I think I’m going home.” As you could tell Kaoru was not amused. “Take care guys, see ya soon.” Kaoru got up and left. Shinya also decided he was gonna go, since he said he had some more errands to run.

Which only left Him, Toshiya and Die…

Toshiya walked over to Die. “I wonder how passed out he is.” He started poking Die with his finger. He didn’t react. “Wow Die drank a lot and we didn’t even realize it, what an idiot.”

Toshiya got back up and walked over to Kyo. “Oh Kyo, you’re such a drama queen.” He cornered Kyo and grabbed his crotch between his legs. Kyo could only yelp as he held a snack in one hand and his hot coffee in the other. Kyo did not want this.

Toshiya fondled him the best he could through Kyo’s pants. Kyo tried so hard to ignore it, but really couldn’t.

There was nowhere to put his hot coffee and his snack, all he could do was stand there.

Toshiya knelt down and unzipped Kyo’s pants. Kyo’s dick was certainly erect and he decided to give him a blow job right there. Kyo winced and tried to hold in his moans the best he could without waking Die.

Toshiya took him in and started sucking hard.

Kyo could hear Die mumble and mutter random words.

“To…shiya. Die is… going to wake!” He whispered as loud as he could. Toshiya only ignored him as he continued.

Die barely could wake up. He mumbled something along the lines of, “Im going to call a taxi at the hotel desk.” As Die was trying to get up, Kyo’s heart started racing, which made his whole experience so much more enjoyable. What if Die saw?

As he watched the drunk man get up, he didn’t even face Kyo and headed straight for the door. Without saying a word, Die left.

Kyo was relieved and enjoyed the rest of Toshiya sucking his dick.

Once Toshiya was finished and Kyo came, Toshiya cleaned him up and zipped up his pants for him.

Kyo was furious with Toshiya, but thankful for the pleasuring.

Toshiya kissed him on the cheek and left.

He only stood there and decided to take a sip of his coffee. Still hot…



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