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Anime North 2010 Review
angel, takuya
Omg where to start LOL


Arrived at hotel, 15 min walk from the TCC XP Nice hotel room, it was a suite. Had a mini kitchen, a table with 2 chairs, a sofa bed with a plasma tv, a seperate room with a king sized bed and a bathroom. I made use of the closet, keeping my outfits nicely organized.
What I was going to wear for the weekend: Takuya Angel Gear, An Cafe Miku cosplay, Gazette Ruki cosplay, and V-Host.
Thursday night I got my badge and my 2 friends badges. I was going to be a panelist so I could get my refund.
That night I met a weird person and met up with Colton :'D I havent seen him since last year.
There wasn't really anything to do on thursday night since it was just registration/Badge pick up. So I ended up wandering around the DT.


I ended up not sleeping Thursday night at all, if anything I might've slept for a good hour and that's it xd.
The guys woke up at like 6:30am >.> ended up waking me. The hotel served free breakfast from 6am - 9am. Of course they wanted to go early for no absolute reason, so I went too for the food.
I decided to get ready right after that, getting my: Takuya Angel Hakama pants, Haori, Scouter, mask and eye contact on and doing my hair which completely failed later. When I went to put on my Dragon Mask, I poked myself in the eye with one of it's points >.< Ugh how it hurt.
I waited until about 10ish to call Shay, whom recruited me to do a Private interview with DJ Takuya Angel and DJ Selia at 12pm. She didn't tell me where we were going to have it, so she told me to meet her at the Radisson hotel lobby.
When I arrived, I saw Shay and some asian guy I was to guess it was Selia, but I was unsure seeing as how he was not dressed up in his elaborate gear. Until he turn his head a little bit and I knew it was him.
He was so gorgeous.
Shay had told me to come with her to the TCC, to some back rooms where I saw volunteers chillin in one room. She led me with one of the other guests (Forgot his name), to grab his piano and stuff. Eikostates stuff were in that room too. There was a round table with some chairs in the room too. It was pretty hot in there as well as outside.
Anyways, as Shay had to go with the Pianist to move his stuff somewhere, I chilled just outside of the room, texting on my iphone telling people I was doing the interview soon.
As I waited, I finally saw Shay, Takuya Angel, Selia, and 2 of the translators following come around the corner.
As soon as Takuya looked my way, I waved vigorously at him. He was a bit unsure of who I was until he looked at my pants and then back up at me and was like, "OOOooh!" Walked over to me, shook my hand and gave me a hug. Then said something to Selia and we formly introduced ourselves to each other.
Meeting Selia face to face was awesome, he is so beautiful and so sweet.
While Shay got organized, Takuya and Selia sat down. Takuya saw I was wearing one of his really old Haori's he made and was talking to Selia a bit about it until I looked at him and he was like "Very Old" *Pointing to the Haori* and I was like "Yes, I found it on a website and had to have it." He nodded.
Shay wanted a picture of just the 3 of us *Boy I felt special LOL* Selia, me, and Takuya. Then I moved a little to the side as he brought out his camera to take a picture, I didn't know he wanted me in the shot as well and thought he just wanted a pic of him and Selia xD Well I was wrong, he waved for me to come back in the picture LOL. Im on his camera <:
Shay decided finally on a setup for the interview and then we started. I asked 10 questions each to Selia and Takuya going back and forth between the two.
The interview went great and we had a bit of laughing moments too. The answers were really good too that they gave. One of the translators recorded the whole thing to be put up online later. I can't wait to see it.
After Takuya and Selia left, Shay gave me flyers to hand out to let people know about Luzmelt coming to Toronto this year which I knew for quite a long time now but wasn't allowed to tell anyone ;D
She also told me about future guests for next year she hoped to bring as well ;D!!!! I'm super excited about it, but I can't say anything!
The rest of the day went on and I met up with more friends who arrived and hung out with them, I took some pictures of cosplayers and such. I bought as well a Takuya Angel T and a Tote Bag as well as Selia's CD that came with an autographed picture of him. At my hotel that day, we had a friend, Bryan, come cook some food, y'know set the hotel room on fire and such. Lol not really, though the alarm went off countless times xD.
I had no panels that day, so I just chilled for the most part until the night came and Takuya and Selia were DJ'ing at Otakubaloo. I had met up with my friend Angela, we went back to my hotel for a couple of drinks and we were excited for when they were going to spin. We listened to Selia's cd (Seileen = Selia + SiSen) as we drank. We were so excited and started dreaming how awesome it'd be if he actually sang for us.
We headed back to Angela's hotel so she could get changed for Otakubaloo later. While I waited in the lobby of the Radisson for her, I saw the translator waiting for Selia. After a few minutes of waiting, I decided to chat with the translator a bit and then saw Selia come from the elevator in his full gear. It was amazing, his style, hair, head gear, outfit, makeup, done so perfectly. After he had left, I went to get a bandaid for my foot to prevent a bad blister from forming... and at that point I had missed Takuya come out from the elevator. They were in a hurry, so it was like FWOOOOM, gone xD.
Finally Angela came down, said she had troubles with the eyelashes.
We headed to Otakubaloo where Selia was already spinning. We danced and danced, and took pictures. I saw Takuya n the other side of the turn tables, waiting and waved at him and he saw me and waved back. Selia's last song he played was one of his, he had Takuya take over the DJ'ing as he began to sing. We were all kind of like O: o.o!!! *w*
His voice was so amazing, just like on his cd. The whole crowd kinda just stopped and watched him in awe.
After he was done, Takuya took over and the dancing continued. I had taken a pic with Selia as well as many others.
After the night was done. We chilled at Angela's hotel a bit hoping we could bump into Takuya or Selia, but no luck that night. So we just relaxed and let our feet rest.
The night ended, I ended up going to sleep right away. This time I actually slept!


Woot saturday was huge, soooo many people. I was completely surprised at the cosplays this year! It wasn't over run with Narutards or Bleach Fanatics o.o Actually the most I saw of this year was Pokemon and Sailormoon! Huzzah! Old school. I saw some scary people dressed in things they SHOULD NEVER wear...
My outfit for half the day was Miku from An Cafe in the PV Game. I couldn't find everyone for the Game dance we were going to do on the grass. I found one person and we danced together and recorded it xD
My panels went very smoothly, lots of attendance! The other Jrock Panels went very well as well except for 2. I think Jrock @ AN made a great impact on Anime North this year. Even the Jrock Party Saturday night went pretty well at the beginning but started dwindelling at about 11:30pm. Lots of panels, oy, it was exhausting. I hung out with friends, went out for dinner. Didn't go to Selia's and Takuya's other performance cuz I was hungry at that time. However during Selia's spinning time, Takuya was by the TCC having a smoke, so I got to chat a bit with him there. Found out what kind of shoes he wore LOL which I want to save up for a pair now.
Saturday was a good day. After the Jrock Video Dance was done, my friends and I just chilled in the room and had a LOL'ing good time....... xD....... If you want details... Message me! LOL Or ask Saturn, Makku or Angela Lol.
After that it was time to call it a night..


The winding down day. I had 3 panels in a row that day lol plus a fashion show to attend.
I was dressed like a V-Host that day. The only person who knew what I was dressed as (Besides my friends) was Takuya Angel!! LOL I wonder why xD ... I love the man xD
Not much to say for Sunday but it was fun and chillaxing. The ride home was long, but pretty good, met some anime con goers on the bus too and was with Satty.

All-in-all it was a hot weekend, I found Friday was a bigger day for me out of all 3 days.

Cons about Anime North:

- Stupid volunteer girl trying to tell me how to run our Jrock Dance D:< I told her off. Made her leave too hahahahahaa what an annoyance, and my friends agree with me she was a B**ch, honest.

- STUPID Lolita chicks dancing in our spot where we were supposed to have the Jrock Photoshoot at that EXACT time! It was even in the program!!! They danced to like 5-6 songs until I told a OS that we had scheduled a photoshoot there for that time. I was not happy.

- Some other tiny annoyances, but I could easily ignore, don't really have an effect on me.

I met a lot of new faces, and met up with already people I knew! Was great meeting and seeing you all again!!

Anyways, that's my review, take it or leave it xD
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