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Jrock Fanfic Part 4
angel, takuya
Rated: 18+
 Contains: Sexuality, Coarse Language, Nudity
Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao

Longly anticipated by some of my friends xD I finally have #4 out.

Chapter 4
As innocent as a bear  


Kyo woke up finding himself on the floor. Seemed like he had rolled out of his bed while sleeping. He never was a quiet sleeper.

He slowly got up trying to straighten himself. He had a few kinks in his neck. He looked over on the other side of his bed to see Kiyoharu sound asleep without the covers on him exposing his entire body.

What an ass… Kyo shook his head, brushing his hair away from his face as he stood up.

He pulled on some new clean boxers and quietly headed into kitchen to grab some cereal.

He looked at the time; 10:15am.

“Oh shit!” Kyo exclaimed. He forgot he had band practice at 11:00am. There was a concert coming up in Tokyo that the guys and he were preparing for.

Kyo’s voice had awakened Kiyoharu and suddenly he heard Kiyoharu walk into the kitchen.

Kyo turned around to see that Kiyoharu hadn’t even put his underwear back on and he was fully exposed.

Kyo blushed and turned around and tried to keep himself busy by pouring his cereal into a bowl.

Kiyoharu snickered and walked up behind Kyo and held him around the waist, “What was that all about?”

Kyo kept continuing to pour his cereal into his bowl, trying not to be distracted but hardly realized his bowl was about to overflow.

“I, uh, have a band practice soon. I almost forgot.” Kyo said quickly.

“Ah, I see.” Kiyoharu kissed Kyo’s shoulder, “Then I should get going. I will see you later.” Kiyoharu let go of Kyo and turned around and headed back into the bedroom to get dressed.

Kyo slowly cleaned up the mess he made with the cereal and grabbed the milk.

Kiyoharu came back into the kitchen and grabbed Kyo and turned him around.

Kyo nearly dropped the carton of milk but held it firmly as Kiyoharu’s eyes gazed into his. Just at that moment, Kiyoharu pressed his lips onto Kyo’s.

Kiyoharu let go and smiled at him, “I will see you later.”

Kyo just stood there, watching Kiyoharu leave through the front door.

Kyo had no idea what was going to happen next. He finished making his breakfast and sat down in front of his plasma TV and turned it on with the remote. He flicked through the channels until he came across MTV.  He watched the countdown and ate his breakfast.

Just as the #2 song began, he heard his doorbell ring. He really didn’t feel like getting up, so he yelled, “Come in!”

The door opened and it was Toshiya, with a dorky smile on him as usual.

“Oh, hey Toshiya.”

“Hey Kyo. Do you know who I just saw walking down the street? You wouldn’t believe it, but Kiyoharu! He looked at me with some kind of smirk.” Toshiya imitated Kiyoharu’s face but failed at it.

Kyo shook his head, “I didn’t know he was around.” He lied.

Toshiya walked over to the couch and sat down beside Kyo. Kyo, out of the corner of his eye examined Toshiya. His gaze finally went down to Toshiya’s crotch area. He wondered how big he was. With Toshiya’s height and build, he must harness a large one. Kyo began to blush at the thought.

Toshiya looked at him, what’s on your mind Kyo, your face is going red.

“No! It’s nothing!”

“Right. Anyways, practice starts soon. Shall we head out together?”

Kyo nodded, wondering if Toshiya’s last bit of that sentence could mean something dirty.

He quickly got everything cleaned up and got dressed.

He and Toshiya left the apartment and started walking down the street headed towards their practice space.

Nothing was said on the way there. When they opened the door to the place, they were greeted by Shinya screaming like a girl and Die laughing his ass off and Kaoru standing against the wall shaking his head.

“What’s going on?” Toshiya asked.

Die tried to respond, but he couldn’t stop laughing.

Shinya finally stopped screaming and running around and looked at them, “Die said he saw a spider on my shoulder.” His eyes looked watery. Seems he could’ve started crying.

Shinya, no matter how hard he tried, will never be manly. Kyo shook his head.

Shinya went over to the laughing Die and punched him in the stomach which in turn made Die stop laughing and mutter a measly “Ouch.”

Die and Shinya went to sit down as both he and Toshiya went to sit across from them.

Kaoru then joined them.

They began sorting out the schedule and lineup of which songs were to be performed.

They got through practice quickly and smoothly, so when about 2 hours passed they finally decided to call it quits for the day.

The concert was in a couple of days. They were going to let 3 fans backstage for autographs and pictures as well as sign a few CD’s for the crowd.

For some reason Toshiya seemed excited this time that there were going to be 3 fans backstage with them.

Whatever the reason, he was going to find out at the show.


The days passed and they were finally waiting to go on stage for their show to start.

Kyo hadn’t seen Kiyoharu at all, let alone Mao within the few days.

Kyo removed both of them from his mind as he stepped out onto the stage with screaming fans.


Kyo followed the rest of Diru backstage after they did their encore. It was a great set and the crowd as usual was going wild.

He watched Toshiya as he snuck off down the hall.

Kyo decided to follow. He seemed to be looking for someone.

Kyo hid behind a pillar as Toshiya came to a stop. Toshiya looked around until he saw who he was looking for.

It was some girl he had never seen before. He watched as Toshiya handed her a backstage pass and gave her a peck on the lips.

Toshiya had a girlfriend? This meant that Toshiya had an interest in both sexes? Or maybe he liked girls and only liked him? He would have to find out.

He hid behind the other side of the pillar as Toshiya walked pass and the girl left through another door. Kyo came out from behind the pillar and grabbed Toshiya by the upper arm, where instantly he felt the bassist’s arm flex as Toshiya turned around to see who had grabbed him.

“Kyo? How long were you there for?” Toshiya tried to keep it cool, hoping he hadn’t seen anything.

“Um ever since you started walking down this hall and meet with that girl. Who is she?” Kyo looked him dead in the eye with a concerned look.

Toshiya scratched the back of his head, “Well, she is my girlfriend. I told you before I was with somebody.”

Kyo let go of Toshiya’s arm, “True. I thought because you had a thing for me, you were into.. well guys?”

Toshiya shook his head, “Both. Don’t get jealous now.” Toshiya smirked.

Kyo began to pout as Toshiya decided to leave and head back to behind the stage where the 3 fans would meet and greet.

Kyo followed behind the taller man until he saw 3 younger adults standing there chatting with the rest of the band.

He looked closely as he saw Toshiya’s girlfriend talking to Kaoru. He then realized she wasn’t even Japanese. It was rare to see a white girl at a show in Japan. Let alone be Toshiya’s girlfriend.

The other 2 were Japanese and they all seemed to have become friends while waiting in line.

He soon learnt that Toshiya’s GF’s name was Hillary and she was dutch, directly from the Netherlands and had been living in Japan for over 4 years.

He then met a boy who’s name was Saturn… interesting name.

He looked over at the other boy. He looked very closely, somehow he felt he was a she, but couldn’t really tell. The boy approached him and bowed, “Im Kiyo.” And then he held up his cd.

Kyo kind of just stood there, a bit frozen from the idea of his name being ‘Kiyo’.

“Ummm, Kyo?” Kiyo looked at him and wondered what was going on until Shinya walked over and poked Kyo on the cheek.

Kyo snapped out of it, “Sorry about that. Something just came to my mind.”

“No, it’s ok, Im just so glad I get to meet you.”

Kyo thought this Kiyo’s voice sounded funny. It was low, but had a feminine touch to his voice. He decided not to think about it anymore as he signed his cd for him, but instead of handing it back to Kiyo, he stupidly gave it to Shinya without realizing it, even though Shinya already signed it.

Shinya took the cd and handed it back to Kiyo, “Um I don’t know what’s wrong with him right now, but I’m sure there’s some reason.” Shinya laughed. Kiyo nodded and chuckled, “No worries.”

Shinya looked from Kyo to Kiyo then just at Kiyo.

Shinya decided to take Kiyo away from the strange little man and sit and chat with Kiyo

Then out of nowhere, Saturn yelled Kyo’s name and glomped him. Kyo toppled over with the overexcited fan on top of him.

Kyo snapped out of it and tried to push the fan off him.

Saturn started saying things so fast that Kyo couldn’t understand. Saturn began hugging him and would not let go of Kyo.

Kyo got a bit creeped out as he eyed for his security guard to haul him away.

Just as the guard grabbed Saturns wrist, he latched himself onto Kyo’s legs, “Nooooooo! I don’t want to gooo! Kyo! I love you!” As he was being pulled, Kyo was losing balance and fell back to the floor again with the crazed fan wrapped around him.

It took about 3 gaurds to finally haul the fan off of him. As they dragged him away, both of the others waved at him, “Kiyo and I will text you Saturn!” Hillary yelled.


You could hear Saturn yelling all the way down the hall as they hauled him off.

The rest of the meet went pretty well, except Kyo was a bit jitterish. He had the feeling of Kiyoharu watching him.

The band headed back to the studio to put away their stuff and relax on the couch.

Kyo looked at Toshiya, “She seems nice.”

Shinya looked over at Toshiya and Kyo a bit confused.

Toshiya nodded, “Yeah, she is.”

Kaoru and Die were busy putting their guitars away to notice what Kyo and Toshiya were talking about until Shinya said aloud, “Toshiya has a girlfriend??” They both looked over at Toshiya a bit surprised.

Kaoru smirked, “Didn’t know you had it in you heh.”

Toshiya just shrugged, “Of course, I am Toshiya after all.”

Die tried to hold in a laugh, and instead it came out as a snort.

Toshiya ignored Die and sat down, close, beside Kyo.

“Well, I gotta head back and give Miyu a bath, he is past overdue for one.”

Die looked at him, “Gonna have sexy time in the bathtub Shinya?”

Toshiya laughed along with Die. Kyo just sat quietly.

“Poor Shinya, his only girlfriend is Miyu.” Die laughed some more.

“For your information, I have met someone…” Shinya didn’t know if he should’ve told them that. But he would leave out the part that it was the boy (Or maybe girl) he flirted with back at the concert, he got Kiyo’s number.

Die walked up to him until he was nose to nose with Shinya, “Oh really now?”

Shinya backed away, “Yeah, but I’m not telling you!” And with that, Shinya left.

Die sighed, “Aw I was hoping he would spill. Shinya has someone? Huh...”

Toshiya smiled, “We’ll find out sooner or later.”

Toshiya managed to secretly slip his hand against Kyo’s back and started touching his skin softly.

Kyo made a face that caught Kaoru’s eye, “What’s the matter Kyo?”

Kyo shook his head, “Just had a burp.”

Kaoru cocked a brow, “Ok then.”

After Kaoru and Die departed, Toshiya and Kyo were left alone. Of course Toshiya had a plan of his own to seduce Kyo and Kyo knew it was going to happen.

“Totchi...” Kyo said firmly, while Toshiya played around Kyo’s belly button.

“Oh Kyo, don’t worry, I won’t get out of hand.” He watched as Toshiya slipped his hand down his pants. Kyo felt the taller mans hand fondle him.

“Oh god… Toshiya, don’t, please don’t.” Kyo pleaded.

But Toshiya ignored him as his hand left Kyo’s pants. He climbed onto him and sat on the younger man.

Kyo could only look up, even though Toshiya was skinny, his height made up for his weight that kept him in place. Toshiya pressed his lips on Kyo and started making out with him.

Kyo had already 2 guys after him and Toshiya thought he was his toy for even thinking he was hot! He should have kept his mouth shut.

Toshiya got up and pulled Kyo over until he was bent over the couch and stripped off his pants. Kyo had no idea how this was happening, Toshiya was moving so fast he had no time to react.

He heard Toshiya unzip his pants. Kyo didn’t even get a look at Toshiya’s dick before he thrust like a bullet into Kyo. Kyo screamed exactly as he did with Kiyoharu, but Toshiya’s thrust never changed, it was so strong and painful at the same time pleasurable, but the pain quickly took over whenever he would thrust back in.

“To-TO!” Kyo couldn’t say his name. Toshiya just kept giving it to him with the same force over and over.

Kyo felt like he was being ripped apart.

Suddenly the pressure was lifted as Toshiya slowed down and came.

Kyo, fell over onto the couch, sweating, in pain.

Toshiya tilted his head at Kyo. “Hmm, a bit too much. Maybe next time I’ll take it slower.

Kyo whimpered as he tried to pull up his pants on the couch, “Y-y-you think??”

Toshiya zipped up his pants and helped Kyo with his.

He then sat beside Kyo and hugged him as if he were as innocent as a bear, “Aw Kyo, you’re the best.”

Kyo was so confused.

As Toshiya got up, he looked at Kyo, “You’ll feel better soon.” He giggled and left.

Kyo decided not to move, he was too much in pain, he just fell over on the couch and went

to sleep.

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HAH, I love this! <3
Too bad the ending was a quickie, I wanted moar! lol X3

Totchie, totchie, totchie...what is he up to next?

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