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Jrock Fanfic Part 3
angel, takuya
Rated: 18+
Contains: Sexuality, Coarse Language, Nudity
Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao

Chapter 3

It was bliss.



Kyo looked at him wide-eyed.

Just what was Kiyoharu going to do to him? He had ideas, but he really didn’t want to think about it.

Kyo was never scared of anything, but somehow inside he was nervous to near being frightened by Kiyoharu.

Kyo had never really known Kiyoharu like this, so it was a big surprise of course.

Kiyoharu stood up and walked over to Kyo still holding his handcuffs.

Kyo tried to keep his eyes focused on Kiyoharu’s rather then the cuffs.

He looked down at the shorter man with an evil smirk.

Kyo didn’t really know what to say, but there was a bit of movement going on in his pants.

It was silent for a moment until Kiyoharu grabbed Kyo by the waist on both sides and held him against his body.

Kyo began to heat up. He was both nervous and horny at the same time. Not sure if I’ll survive this…

The taller man started brushing his hands through Kyo’s blond hair and then travel down Kyo’s side.

Kyo shuddered and got goose bumps as he did so until Kiyoharu grabbed his wrist and slammed one side of the handcuff hard onto his hand.

“Ouch!” Kyo whimpered.

“You think that hurt?” He smirked so deeply that his teeth showed.

Kiyoharu kept a hold of the other side of the cuff and started pulling Kyo towards the bedroom where he roughly pulled Kyo onto the bed and cuffed the other side to the pole of hi bed frame. Seeing as how Kyo had another free hand, he pulled out another set of handcuffs from his pocket and moved quickly.

Before Kyo knew it or had time to react, he was stuck.

Kiyoharu kneeled onto his bed between his legs. He crawled over Kyo’s deeply breathing body and made his way to Kyo’s lips.

Instead of starting off slow, Kiyoharu planted a deep and hard kiss onto Kyo.

Tongues moving around inside each others mouths, Kiyoharu began taking off Kyo’s pants along with his underwear.

When Kyo was bearing his cock, he pushed up his shirt and began lightly touching his stomach with 2 fingers and moved around his body without making any contact with his cock.

Kyo began pulsing. He needed to be jerked off so bad. Kiyoharu was turning him on beyond what he’s felt in a long time.

Kiyoharu giggled a bit at Kyo’s suffering for relief.

“You won’t get off that easily.” He snickered. He pulled out from one of his other many pockets, a gag. He tightly tied it around Kyo’s mouth and smiled as he did so.

Kyo bit down on the gag hard. He was enjoying it so much he hated it.

Kiyoharu took off his shirt and undid his pants and pulled them down along with his red and black leopard print briefs and showed Kyo his erect cock.

Kyo growled, wanting to be released, but Kiyo could only laugh as he leaned against Kyo’s body and started brushing his hair back, he whispered into his ear: “Just… relax.”

Kyo rolled his eyes. As if.

Kiyoharu back up. Kyo did not know what he was going to do next until he felt a piercing pain that lasted a few seconds as Kiyoharu grabbed onto Kyo’s thighs and thrusted into him.

Kyo screamed with the gag in his mouth, it sounded muffled.

Every time Kiyoharu thrusted into him, it was like being punched in the ass.

What… the… fuck?!

Kiyoharu started moaning as he thrusted deeper and harder into Kyo.

Kyo in return could only muffle back a moan.

Kiyoharu removed one of his hands from Kyo’s thighs while he was thrusting and grabbed Kyo’s erect cock with force and tried to jerk him off while he was thrusting into him.

By this time Kyo was screaming as if he were singing Dozing Green all over again.

Kyo was enjoying it, but it was just too much to take.

His body started sweating as Kiyoharu just kept thrusting into him.

Kiyoharu smiled at Kyo’s undeniable enjoyable pain.

Kiyoharu was ready to come. Just as he did, Kiyoharu gasped in pleasure and slowed down as he released. He pulled his cock out and shared it with Kyo’s cock.

He bent over and closer to Kyo’s cock until he was at its level and began moving along it with his tongue, slowly wrapping his mouth around it as he began to take in Kyo’s whole cock in his mouth and moved his mouth all around it.

Kyo was finally in heaven with what he was feeling now. He relaxed and breathed deeply as Kiyo pleasured him until he knew he was going to come. He looked down at the top of Kiyoharu’s head that was working on him.

He threw his head back on the pillow with force. Kiyo managed to look up at Kyo as he did so, knowing Kyo was about to come, Kiyoharu sucked harder until Kyo came on him.

Kyo completely relaxed and his breathing slowed as Kiyoharu rubbed around Kyo’s cock and thigh area.

He slowly made his way back onto Kyo and smiled as he decided to take off the gag.

Kyo himself gagged as he was able to take in bigger breathes of air, but Kiyoharu stopped him when he started sucking on his mouth. More tongue action came into play as Kiyoharu rubbed his body against Kyo’s.

Kiyo got off of him and slowly sat back on the bed.

Kyo lifted his head to look at the beautiful naked man relaxing at the foot of his bed.

Kiyoharu smiled gently, it was the most warming smile Kyo has ever seen him smile before.

“You’re great Kyo.” He decided un-cuff Kyo.

Kyo sat up and did the unthinkable, he snuggled.

As much as Kyo didn’t want to be called cute or ever seem cute in anyway, he could not resist holding onto naked Kiyoharu.

Kiyoharu leaned back with him on the bed and pulled covers over both of them. It wasn’t even the evening yet, but Kyo was so worn out and he woke up really early this morning, he couldn’t help but to fall asleep on Kiyoharu.

It was bliss. Kyo actually starting snoring.

Kiyoharu silently laughed.

He himself took a breath and relaxed with Kyo in his arms.

Kiyoharu had never felt so happy on the inside. Being with Kyo was what he needed.


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I won't say the c-word! lol But wait...

It was cute! -damnit-

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