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Jrock Fanfic Part 2
angel, takuya

Rated: 18+
Consists: Sexuality, Course Language, Nudity
Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao

Chapter 2
You know what I want...


Kyo turned around in his bed and opened one eye slightly. He could see the sun peeking through his window blinds.

He sat up slowly and looked around. He wondered if last night was all just a dream.

It was too weird for him. He actually never thought about his sexuality all that much… until now.

He’d always had seen himself pimped out with chicks hanging all over him. What made him become so attracted to Mao? And then there was Kiyoharu. He had always had a thing for him, but never pursued it, kind of was just kept in the back his mind.

Kyo had never thought so much and his head started aching.

He shook his head and got out of bed. He wondered to the kitchen in his boxers. He didn’t even realize the time. He looked at what the microwave time said: 8:45am.

“Too early…” He groaned. He didn’t really feel like going back to bed. So he decided to go for a walk. He threw on a black t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and his converse. He left his apartment and started walking. It was a nice day out, sun shining brightly, air was fresh. He decided to stop by a coffee shop to get him self some coffee to wake him up.

When he purchased it, he went to sit at a small table by the window. He stared out the window for quite a while until out of nowhere someone plopped down on the chair across from him, nearly scared the shit out of him. It was Toshiya.

“Hey Kyo. Fancy finding you here this early in the morning.” He smiled.

Kyo shrugged, “Didn’t get much sleep last night and couldn’t sleep in this morning.”

Toshiya tilted his pretty head letting his black hair fall along his shoulders, “Somethin bothering you?” Toshiya looked slightly concerned, though he knew he should never worry too much about Kyo.

Kyo shook his head, “It’s nothing really.”

Toshiya looked at him in disbelief, “Really now… I don’t believe you.”

Well, Kyo knew Toshiya was definitely not going to stop bugging him until he would tell, so, “Ok, Mao came over last night.”

“Mao… Mao… oh that guy from the band Sadie? The singer who idolizes you?”

“Yeah. He came over and told me he liked me way more then just an ‘idol’.”

“Oh ho ho, you mean he likes likes you. Then what happened?”

Kyo didn’t really want Toshiya knowing what he did to Mao; he wouldn’t think Toshiya would believe him or something.

“Nothing, I told him to go.”

Toshiya moved his hair behind his ear and sat back in his chair. “Sure you did.”

Kyo looked up at him, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Did Toshiya suspect him?

“I know you better then that Kyo. Seriously. Whatever you did last night, it’s all right, I won’t say anything to anyone.”

Kyo looked at him, “Right.”

“Anything else bothering you Kyo?”

He wasn’t sure he wanted to get Kiyoharu into the conversation as well. Toshiya would probably see him as a slut and that’s how he did not want to be looked at.

“No, nothing else. Just that.”

Toshiya nodded, “Well alright then. I have to run some errands this morning, so I’ll catch you later.”

Kyo watched the tall slender man stand up and walk out. He never realized how attractive he was. Why was Toshiya still single?

Kyo held his head and screamed on the inside, why am I thinking this way now? Was he going to check out all his friends now? He’d never want to be some sort of player, but seeing as how he was starting to notice how hot Toshiya was, he didn’t want to start hitting on him. Especially now that he has Mao and Kiyoharu after him.

Just as about to look out the window again, another person plopped down across the table in front of him. It wasn’t Toshiya again.

He looked to see who it was… it was Kiyoharu, leaned back in his chair, resting his chin on his fist and staring at Kyo with a look of lust.

“Kiyoharu…” Kyo didn’t expect for him to appear this very moment.

“Hello to you too Kyo. How are you?” He smiled evily.

Kyo looked into his eyes, how captivating they were, almost had him in a trance.

Kyo snapped out of it and decided to play it his hostile self, “What do you want from me?” he snapped.

Kiyo just kept smiling and snickered, “You know what I want… You.” He leaned over the table getting closer to Kyo.

Kyo scraped his chair has he pushed back. Kyo, as much as he wanted him too, was beginning to be a little creeped out.

Kyo stood up quickly, “You’re fuckin creeping me out Kiyo.”

The few people in the coffee shop looked at the 2 blonds staring each other down.

Kiyo looked around and stood straight.

“Let’s walk then.”

Kyo didn’t know what he was getting at. He had a feeling sooner or later it was going to end up in his bedroom.


They walked down the empty streets and into the deserted park. By this time, it was only 9am.

Kiyoharu walked right in front of him and pulled Kyo closer to him by his waist in a jerking motion that made Kyo rub up against Kiyoharu’s taller, slender body. He was wearing tight leather pants that were low rise and a shirt that just fitted him perfectly, showing off his shape.

Kiyoharu smiled, “I like what you do. What you did to that boy last night.”

Kyo shuddered at the thought of being watched while he jerked someone off.

Kyo tried to pull himself away, but couldn’t seem to even budge.

“Kiyoharu, would you fuckin let go of me.”

Kiyoharu shook his head, “You don’t want me to.” Just as he said that, Kiyo grabbed in between the shorter mans legs, making Kyo groan.

Kyo really didn’t want to be seen in public doing this, but he couldn’t move.

“Damnit Kiyo, why now? Why here?”

Kiyoharu look at him as his tight around Kyo’s concealed cock loosened.

“I guess we can go somewhere else if you want.”

Kyo shook his head and was able to get out of Kiyo’s grip.

“I’ve got stuff to do.” Kyo lied, as if he had something to do. He wanted Kiyoharu. But not here and not like this.

Kiyoharu looked at him, “Fine, I’ll come by your apartment later in the afternoon. Better be there.” Kiyoharu turned around and walked off.

Kyo sighed with relief and sat down on nearby park bench. He looked up at the sky.

He knew that later this afternoon, Kyo would be the one to submit to him. It was going to rough, he just knew it.

He got back up and started walking back into civilization. He saw Toshiya bouncing around happily from store to store, picking up a few things.

Man he is hot…

Toshiya didn’t notice Kyo ogling him from afar. Toshiya went into one more store and then headed back home.

Kyo felt like being a stalker and decided to follow him.

Toshiya had a feeling he was being watched and knew it was Kyo.

“Kyo get your skinny ass out from behind that bush please.” He turned around to see Kyo appearing out from behind the bush.

Kyo bowed, “Sorry…”

Toshiya looked at him funny, “Why are you following me?”

Kyo, without even realizing it or thinking it through blurted out, “I think you’re damn hot.” Kyo covered his mouth with his hand.

Toshiya looked at him, but not with a shocked or surprised look. He just walked over him and kissed him on the cheek, “Sorry, I’m already taken.”

Kyo blushed harshly.

“But, if you ever just want some fun, Kyo, I won’t tell anyone.” Toshiya winked and headed into his apartment.

Toshiya was already taken? By who? Kyo didn’t like this one bit. Especially not knowing who it was.

He headed back to his apartment, not knowing what else to do. All he could do is basically wait until Kiyoharu arrives.

He walked into his apartment and realized it had already been walked into. The door was unlocked. Did he leave it unlocked?

He entered and looked around the room.

He saw a man sitting on his couch, holding a pair of handcuffs and some other kinky things. Kyo’s heart began to pound as the man turned around.

“You really think I would wait until the afternoon for this?”

He lifted up his handcuffs and smirked.


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I'm awaiting Chapter 3. More or less because... You have so many jrockers that I wanna know what's going on.

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