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Jrock Fanfic
angel, takuya
Rated: 18+
Consists: Sexuality, Course Language, Nudity
Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao

Chapter 1

Do You Like Me Now?



Kyo raced home through the rain, “Fuck fuck fuck!” It was down pouring on him. Only a few minutes ago he was inside the studio practicing with his fellow band mates and before that started, it was sunny out.

He was definitely going to get a cold. He didn’t have a jacket on him. Just a white t-shirt and tight black jeans with a pair of creepers on his feet.

By the time he got back to his apartment he was drenched and freezing his ass off. His best bet was to strip down to his underwear and dry himself off and then wrap himself with his bed blanket.

He went over to his laptop to check for any important emails from family, band mates or part of the crew. Nothing… until a new email arrived just at that very moment. He didn’t recognize the email at all, perhaps it was some fan who some how got a hold of his email. He really didn’t want to read it, but he decided to click on it.

When it opened, his eyes widened, it was a message saying, “I’ve been watching you closely Kyo. I know you want me and I want you… Kiyoharu.”

He was dumbstruck; he never had an email or even talked to Kiyoharu since he first began his career as a singer. Why he confessed now that he wanted him was a mystery.

Kyo didn’t know if he should reply right away, then Kiyoharu would know he was online.

“I’d better wait a few…”

Kyo heard his doorbell rang. Wonder who that is…

Kyo went to his front door, not noticing he was still wrapped in his bed blanket, he opened the door slightly to see a young face starring back at him. It was Mao of the band Sadie. His fan boy.

“Hey Mao, come in.” Kyo opened the door all the way.

Mao looked him up and down, “Em, I think I came at a bad time Kyo?”

Kyo shook his head, “It’s alright.”

They made their way to the living room and sat down on either ends of the sofa.

“What can I do for ya Mao?” Kyo leaned back and wrapped the blanket around him tighter, he felt like snuggling in it and then falling asleep.

“Well…” Mao started, “You’ve always been my idol Kyo. You’ve helped me with my screaming and singing. I owe you a lot.”

Kyo nodded, “It’s all good. No need to repay me.”

Mao shook his head slightly, “Well, I want to repay you.” Mao stood up and walked over to Kyo and looked down at him.

Kyo leaned back slightly as he looked up at the now hovering over him Mao.

“Uhhh.” Kyo was a bit confused, was he coming onto him?

Mao bent over Kyo until he was nose to nose with him, “You’re more then just an inspiration Kyo… I know I’m younger then you, but how I feel about you is stronger then any age difference.”

Mao forced a kiss onto Kyo’s moist lips.

Kyo leaned back even further and moved his head out of the way, making Mao lean over his left shoulder. It was quite the shock to him. He had no idea Mao felt about him this way.

Mao stood back and bowed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come after you like that.” Just as he finished that sentence, he sneezed. “Oh great, I got a cold too.”

Kyo looked at him with a cocked eyebrow.

“You had to come when it was raining?” He shook his head.

“Take off your Jacket and boots. Warm up a bit before you go.”

Mao did so. Just as he went to take off his last boot, Kyo pulled him straight up, turned him around and slammed him against the wall.

Mao’s eyes widened in horror and confusion.

“You think you have a thing for me eh? Let’s just see about that!”

Kyo had Mao’s neck in a tight grip, making Mao’s blood rush from his head to down below.

Mao felt like he was going to fall over, but Kyo held him up.

No matter how short Kyo was, he was strong.

Kyo moved his free hand down to the rim of Mao’s jeans and started unbuttoning it quickly. He pulled Mao’s pants down to the best of his abilities with one hand and removed the younger mans pants along with his black silky boxers.

He looked at Mao’s cock with lust; he could tell that it could explode at any given time. All that blood rushing from his head was really making Mao hot, like he was on some drug.

Mao managed to whisper out Kyo’s name, but Kyo just ignored him.

Kyo started fondling Mao’s hardened cock. Then he began jerking him off. By this time, Kyo’s blanket had fallen to the floor. Mao tried to lift an arm to reach for Kyo’s underwear, but couldn’t manage to even lift his arm.

As Kyo moved his hand fast along Mao’s cock and continued with his tight grip on his neck, Mao started moaning, but with gasps in between since he was having troubles breathing as well, it was painful yet so enjoyable. Mao was drooling out of the corner of his mouth as Kyo worked on him fast and hard.

“You like me now Mao?” Kyo hissed.

Just as Mao was about to come, Kyo quickly took his grip off of Mao’s neck and bent down so he was level with Mao’s cock.

He took the whole thing in and sucked it hard. By this time, Mao had his breath back and his voice too.

Mao let out a scream, “Kyooo!” Kyo made one hard intake, just as he did that, Mao came right onto Kyo.

Kyo wiped and lick some of the warm liquid off his face as he stood up to Mao’s level.

Mao’s head was facing the ceiling, but he was looking at Kyo with a worn and sweaty face.

“I hope you’re warm enough.” Kyo chuckled at him as he wiped off the remaining come with his blanket.

Mao slid down the wall with his pants and boxers at his knees. He looked back up at Kyo and snickered, “Fuck you Kyo…”

Kyo smiled, “Maybe you will someday. Ha-ha. Now! Get out of my apartment!” Kyo ordered him as he turned around and went to go to his room.

Mao stood back up slowly, pulling his pants and boxers up with them and button it back up.

“You know I’ll be back…” Mao said faintly.

“Kyo looked over his shoulder, “Do what you want.”

Mao smiled faintly and sighed as he put his jacket and boots back on and headed out the door.

Kyo sat on his bed.

He looked over to his laptop and decided to move over there. He didn’t know what to think about this. Was he just playing with Mao’s mind? Everything was fucked up. Kiyoharu and now Mao. What the hell.

He got another email; it was from Kiyoharu again… he had just sent it.

“You’re such a tease Kyo, no wonder why that kid wants you. One of the many reasons why I want you for myself. – Kiyoharu.”

Kyo looked around in shock, “What the fuck?!” He yelled.

His apartment was on the 4th floor. He looked out his window; there was no one there looking at his window. He must have been watching, no… How would he?Fucking bastard. Kyo closed the blinds to his windows, completely shutting himself in.

“That fucking creeper.” Sure Kyo was freaked out, why couldn’t Kiyoharu just come out and confront him?

Whatever his reason was, Kyo didn’t want to be watched like this.
If Kiyoharu wanted him, Kyo would gladly let him.



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