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SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Only message me if you are 100% you would like to buy, thanks.


*Please note that they are used, some do have marks and scratches on them, however all of them still play, if interested in knowing the condition of the cd, just ask and I’ll let you know. Some are have barely any and some of them have more*

All prices are in CAD.

Paypal ONLY. Price does not include Shipping.

Dir en grey $8ea

-        Vulgar

-        Dozing Green

-        Glass Skin Single

Dir en grey Uroboros Vinyl $20

Miyavi $8ea

-        Dokuso

-        Gagaku

-        MYV Pops

-        Miyavizm

-        Galyuu

Marlee (Signed) $10ea

-       Delete Ourselves
-       Artificial Irony

Rose Noire: Apcocolypse $8

Lix: Sicks Pain (Signed) $12

Dewel Jewel: Lapidary $8

Gackt & Malice Mizer: Complete Singles Collection $5

Suicide Ali $10

angel, takuya

I work with Staples, we do custom printing of posters of different sizes.
I am a big fan of Japan music and fashion and other things and it is heartbreaking to see what they are going through.
Both Darkest Labrynth and Takuya Angel are looking for donations to put towards the damage and to those in need. Takuya Angel's mother lost her hometown to the tsunami and is desperately trying to get people to donate to the cause.

Why donate through Darkest Labrynth/ Takuya Angel?
I have met and dealt with Takuya Angel personally. He is someone I trust and admire deeply. I have already donated what I can to him, but I want to do more for him.

The posters will be 20"x30" and will be shipped in a mailer tube.
You can send me a picture of what you want done, I advise you to send me the biggest file you can. If the file is too small, it will become pixelated on the poster. Pictures over 2000x2000mpg's are the minimum pixels I suggest.
Please, no nudity or voilent pictures...
If you request, I can look up a picture for you of your preference to ensure of a large enough picture so it will not be pixelated.

I will ship to anywhere.
The price is a flat $40 (To cover cost of shipping and making the poster), rest of the money will be going straight to Japan.
If you live in Ottawa or Toronto Ontario, I may be able to meet you personally to give you the poster, thus reducing the price.

Please message me:

Link to picture:

Before I send it off, I will take a picture of the poster and show you.

After I confirm the large enough image, I will send you my paypal address.
I only accept paypal payments.

If requested, I have buyers and sellers feedback.

Previous orders:


A Christmas Story: Joy Of Giving
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It's something you see in the movies or something you hear about through other people. But I experienced it. The Joy of giving.

My mom, she has a friend and she's been through rough times. Husband left her, 5 kids, minimum wage job. You know, hard times right.
Yesterday my mom came to me, she told me their situation for this Christmas.
Her friend could not afford any Christmas presents for her kids, all in their teens. The kids understood there would be no presents this year.
Now, I've been saving my money for some time now to pay back my school loans, mind you, it was only 2 grand. Which in that case I'm lucky to pay off such a small amount in no time at all. I had about $1500 saved for loans I think.
Knowing this, my mom asked me if I was willing to use that money to buy a Christmas gift for the whole family, a Nintendo Wii.
Now I've only briefly met her friend once. But I knew what she was going through must've been really tough and to have 5 kids with her and no support.
But I agreed. I realize it was my money, but the fact that it was put aside for my student loans, didn't bother me very much at all. In total I think I spent about $700 on the Wii and accessories and games.
I had fun wrapping them with my sis. I like wrapping presents though I do a crappy job of it lol.
We went to my mom's friends house where I saw where they lived. It wasn't bad looking on the outside, but it was very small on the inside. All kids, except for the oldest (Who was in Florida I think), were sitting at the table, chatting and I guess finishing some of their dinner.
So it was Christmas Eve, the mom said they could open the gifts we got and wrapped. So my sister and I got the joy of watching them open the gifts.
They were egstatic (If thats how it's spelt). The eldest son was speechless. He squeeked out a thankyou. You could tell he wanted to cry. The other girls were just so thrilled and were in disbelief.
It was such a great experience watching them. I'm only 22 years old myself and love video games too. I was pretty quiet though xD Inside I was happy for them, but silent on the outside <:
But then after the accessories and games were unwrapped, my sister and I started chatting with all of them for a little while. The eldest son went to hide away in front of the TV as he set up the Wii lol.
So exactly what I bought was the Wii that came with controller/Nunchuk and Wii Resort. Bought 3 other controllers/Nunchucks, Ghost Recon, Super Smash Bros. And that new drawing game thing (Was told that 2 of the girls were artistic, so what better game then to have a drawing one right?). When the eldest son opened the game Ghost Recon (I literally was guessing what games to choose) he was sooooooo happy. He loved that game! I was like, yay I chose a perfect game xD (In my head lol).
The night was fun and enjoyable. Rewarding to myself. My sis and I after that went to eat and see a movie in theatres.

It was an enjoyable night

Jrock Fanfic Part 5
angel, takuya

Rated: 18+ 

Contains: Sexuality, Coarse Language, Nudity

 Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao and occasional Toshiya Teasing



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Anime North 2010 Review
angel, takuya
Omg where to start LOL

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Have We Done Business??
angel, takuya

If we have, Leave a comment! :]


Jrock Fanfic Part 4
angel, takuya
Rated: 18+
 Contains: Sexuality, Coarse Language, Nudity
Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao

Longly anticipated by some of my friends xD I finally have #4 out.

Chapter 4
As innocent as a bear  


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Sporting Takuya Angel Stuff
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Jrock Fanfic Part 3
angel, takuya
Rated: 18+
Contains: Sexuality, Coarse Language, Nudity
Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao

Chapter 3

It was bliss.



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Jrock Fanfic Part 2
angel, takuya

Rated: 18+
Consists: Sexuality, Course Language, Nudity
Pairing: Kyo/Kiyoharu/Mao

Chapter 2
You know what I want...


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